Video Games and Virtual Reality and the Player’s Avatar

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Virtual environment or virtual reality may be in everybody’s senses these days of modern technology. This is not what is happening many years back when the computer age was just beginning and the real world was the only one embraced. However, with today’s modern computer technology and 3D very popular, virtual reality is embraced by many. It may just be for the entertainment of people but this is really getting very popular. In this virtual environment, users can get into the world of simulation and feel himself being in the unreal world, with capabilities to make movements using all his senses, the eyes, arms, and legs, or whatever.


These virtual capabilities were on display this year at E3 at private afterparty located at Zain who is the owner showed off several iphone & android plastic surgery apps that allow people to adjust their features to make themselves look more symetrical and enhanced. These virtual avatars within the app serve as test case for all sorts of plastic surgeries.

This is really very entertaining because it is like living in the unreal world.

In the days of video games being very popular, although it still is these days, gamers will have their avatar, the icon that will represent the user in this game. The video game player will just control the game through his avatar, but in today’s virtual reality environment, there is already immersion. There is already the feeling of being inside that world and also with capabilities to interact with that environment through the moves he makes. This is because of the life size 3D image that the user will feel to be into. Every move that this 3D image will do will depend on his movements, so there is really immersion.

This is what the modern computer technology world has given us, but is really entertaining. However, this may not be limited only to the reality of entertaining people, and it can be used also in many industries and businesses.

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Game Avatars and the Future of Gaming

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The gaming industry has taken a huge step with newer and more advanced technological breakthroughs in recent date. Back then, fully immersing oneself with video games was only a farfetched dream for developers especially with technical limitations on hardware and software. However, as games become more and more advance, the technology behind it has also paved the way for further developments and innovations.

Virtual reality is slowly starting to become a dream come true with technological marvels such as the Oculus rift that promises to revolutionize the way people experience video games. Videogame aesthetic and art becomes even more surreal with the help of virtual reality. Moving a character with your own body does indeed feel truly immersive. Footages and previews of the Oculus rift looked very promising seeing players scan around video game environments with their own heads instead of using a controller.

With that in mind, players along with their video game characters need to have a graphical representation of what or how they would look like with other players. This is quite a must especially when one is planning on playing games with other people via online. Online games have tons of options regarding character customizations for a player’s avatar. This is a fun and engaging way of gearing and customizing characters which helps make one look unique and different from the rest of the crowd. Character emblems are also used to represent a specific player or a whole group of players. Network art gives it distinction and variety.

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Virtual Reality Is Coming True Very Soon

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Virtual reality, in which what you see in animated films would almost come true in your eyes through gadgets, is something a lot of us whether young or old would love to experience even once. Many computer geniuses and scientists have been researching ways to make this come true but in the past it was just not possible with the current technology they have. So to at least alleviate that kind of frustration, the movies were much forgiving and made some sci-fi films where they depicted different kinds of virtual reality gadgets and sceneries. At least that was good but today is different.

Today there are many innovations in technology and virtual reality is one of them. Through the years, many innovators have tried and invested their time and money for virtual reality technology or you might say almost like virtual reality and got what they wanted. As time progressed, more technology came in and for the first time, we are now in the brink of a new type of technology that would be very close to real virtual reality. The Oculus Rift is one of those technologies that combine video games and virtual reality as one these days. Now more than ever it has come close to virtual reality but the gadget is still a bit big to use. It is wearable but the goggles itself is kind of big.

Maybe in the future we can see virtual reality with no big gadgets or platforms. These images would just only pop out of nowhere and you can even manipulate it. Well maybe in the future.

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Virtual Reality, Avatar, Network Art

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The high technology of today has brought so many benefits to people, such that they can be into another world, another place, or be somebody, with just the use of computer technology. This is virtual reality, a simulated and also a three dimensional world where anybody can be into, using computer technology and where he can manipulate the things he want to do, with the feelings that he is actually in that world. This is experience that many would like to have because it can be very challenging. People on virtual reality have this feeling of being immersed in that world, and he is actually a part of it.

There are many names that people termed virtual reality, or virtual world, or others call it cyberspace, and many other names. Like when you are in a video game and you have an avatar, or something, a symbol, or an icon that represents you in that particular game. Your icon, or the avatar that represents your person can be something abstract, but it personifies you and the things you are doing in the game. The computer technology also creates this situation, all the manipulations and things you want to do while in the game.

Network art is also related because it also uses computer technology and the internet. Network art can also be digital art distributed through the internet network. Artists use the net as platform for displaying their artworks and also where viewers can browse and also make inquiries, if they have. A high level of interaction can be done through this platform.

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Virtual Reality Equipment: Endless Use in the Future

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Virtual Reality Equipment is used to create an imaginary world. It is a computer simulation which creates a visual experience of being in a different environment. It will stimulate the senses of the one wearing the equipment.

It is a great way of making real life experiences when used. The applications are now commonly seen in different online games. It creates a highly visual and 3D environment.

The equipment can be used in many different applications such as in the movie industry where it is highly used. It can be used as fine artworks and even used in music. Some of the machines are further developed for use in medical science.  It can be used to treat phobia or for rehabilitation. One thing is for sure, the application of this technology is very promising.

In order to get a real time virtual environment, you need to have the top computer programs and software. One of the best option is to have computer libraries which are supported by Java3D but there are many different programs as well that can be used to create a virtual environment. The programs may depend on what you are attempting to create.

Another function of the Virtual Reality Equipment is to use it in engineering projects such as making prototypes and doing simulation. It helps in the manufacturing of products easier and with high quality since the products can be put into simulation for quality check. Now, it is being used worldwide.

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How Does a Virtual Reality Work?

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Technology is everywhere nowadays. Everything that is done by an individual is affected by technology; thus the use of gadgets, machines and other extraordinary things has become both a need and a want. One of the high tech inventions or discoveries in the world of computers is virtual reality. Not everyone knows about the real definition of such and how it actually works. The internet offers a lot of interesting information about virtual reality to bring awareness to a lot of people all over the world.

Virtual reality is a form of technology that creates computer generated world where an individual can explore and interact with. By the term itself, virtual reality means near – reality which can give you a clear idea that this kind of environment is created to be something close to reality. As mentioned, this is a high technology type of environment as this is manipulated by a program in a computer.  For someone to explore this three dimensional, computer generated environment, he or she should wear a head – mounted display or glasses. This virtual reality gear will enable them to see the images, manipulate objects and perform series of actions.

Because of the good effect and benefits of virtual reality, different industries have decided to use this product of technology to widen the ideas and experience of their members. Some industries that utilize this near – reality computer generated environment are the sports, entertainment, arts, and medicine and architecture industries. For more information, check out some websites that feature more facts about virtual reality and its advantages.

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All about Avatars

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A lot of people nowadays are hooked into online stuffs. The internet has become a big part of people’s lives as they need this to finish their work in the office, cook a delicious recipe at home, and so on. Though a lot of people know how to use the internet and other stuffs it brings, not all are familiar with the so called avatars. This thing is believed to be present in all applications online especially in something that requires registration, ownership, and privacy.

Majority of the world’s population may be aware of the inventions of technology, their functions and components but not all aspects are fully covered. For instance, who will pay attention to the cartoon figure or smiley that is shown on your account the first time you register or acquire your first email? They may appear to be just a plain cartoon image but technically they are called avatars. The latter is something that represents someone in the virtual world. In other words, this cartoon image is something that represents you online. You may customize as you can choose your gender, physical looks, and inner traits. Online and video games oftentimes require avatars too.

So what makes avatar so special? The option to customize them makes this virtual representation interesting and important. People can create their own avatars based on their own characters, personalities, and capabilities. People can check out related sites and learn how to create their own avatars. Your creativity counts so you might as well maximize it. A web design company in los angeles had a great list post on the different avatar creation apps built using flash like simson-maker  and of course the very popular southpark version.

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Steps in Creating a Network for Your Art

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Art is something that is very difficult to sell as you really need to identify your target audience and formulate good marketing strategies. Although this type of product appeals to people who love to collect items that increase its value over time, still an artist needs to work hard for his or her art to be noticed. So what are the steps in creating a network for your art?

The internet is definitely a big part of everyone’s life thus people behind big businesses used this to reach out to their target market. When it comes to art, this strategy is certainly a good way to create a network and increase sales. So how do you start? The first step in creating a good and stable network is to create an account or an official website. Once you have signed up on one, it’s time to customize and edit your profile. An informative and presentable website will encourage more visitors to purchase your works and order more. Once you have your profile ready, the next thing to do is to register to popular social Medias like Facebook and Twitter. Since these social websites are trending, it would be a great help if you or someone interested in selling their arts to link their official websites or better yet upload some sample photos of their masterpieces.

Having these official websites and accounts in some popular social Medias is not enough. Keep in mind that keeping them updated is much important. Your potential buyers would want to hear more news about you and your work so make sure to keep them posted.

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Why Sell Your Arts on the Net?

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A lot of people do not know of the power of the internet when it comes to making money and great profit. The net is offering a lot of strategies in closing great deals and making one’s business good and running. Art is one of the best things to market nowadays. Not all artists are aware of how to use the internet in disposing their masterpieces and acquire more buyers to purchase their work of art. This article will discuss some valid points why one should sell his or her arts online.

The main reason why one uses the internet is to get more popular. Advertising one’s work through television shows, exhibits and other form of marketing is effective but this will not be enough if you are into fast and convenient transactions. Convenience is one valid point why you should utilize the internet in selling your arts. Furthermore, by selling your masterpieces online, you give your target audience an impression that you are someone that goes well with the current trend. They may conclude that you are considering changes and this may be applied on your works.

Popularity, convenience and fast transactions are clearly the valid points why one should sell his or her arts on the net. There are a lot of people who come to see an exhibit but mind you, there are more who wanted to check out stuffs online and close a deal with less papers to sign and quicker transaction time. Work on your masterpieces now, and try to use this option in increasing your sales and expanding your art business.


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Virtual Reality Gaming: Entertainment and Educational Recreation

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People nowadays are addicted to online stuffs. Even kids and youngsters are hooked with online games which oftentimes consume majority of their extra time before and after school. This is a main concern for parents however, as this could lead to a great neglect on education and socializing. Of course, youngsters who are just sitting in front of computers will have no time to socialize with friends and live a normal life. So what’s the best solution to this type of problem?

Parents nowadays need not worry about this type of dilemma with their kids. Why? Well, the simple answer to this question is virtual reality gaming. Virtual reality simply refers to a near – reality environment run by computers. For someone to be able to experience such, he or she must wear a specific gear or glasses. The same type of gear is used in virtual reality gaming. Like the simple virtual reality environment, gaming also involves educational exercises. The whole gaming experience is entertaining as there are images and objects that kids can play around. This is also educational as the creator of this used materials and objects that are very helpful in making kids realize the value of learning and socializing.

Virtual reality gaming is not just a mere game but something that could be a great help to kids too. It’s surely a recreation that entails the same high tech environment wherein they can explore things, interact with others, and use their imagination all throughout the entire process.

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Virtual Reality Sites to Help You

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Online stuff is now a trend. Whether in the categories of fashion, food and gadgets, the internet offers a great variety of things to help people expand their knowledge and improve their skills thus making this new trend a very helpful tool. Virtual reality has become a good way to encourage a lot of people to be open with the modern generation. Though this type of environment is considered to be very artificial, the name itself gives people an idea that this is near reality type of application.

Virtual reality is a type of environment that is created to be near reality. This is run by computers and something done to help people experience things really new to them. This doesn’t mean however, that everything here is impossible. Virtual reality is created based on the real scenarios of life to help people increase awareness, develop skills to become more prepared and strong and expand their ideas about life. What if you are a beginner to this type of high technology environment? This is not a major concern as there are so many virtual reality sites that could help you. Some highly recommended virtual reality sites online focus on educational fieldtrips, computers, and places.

Because of the benefits of using virtual reality, a lot of experts now suggest that teachers check out some virtual reality sites to be used as reference. When done in the classroom, students will have more time to ponder on the facts cited and formulate possible questions to understand a certain thing much better.

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Are There Benefits of Virtual Reality?

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Virtual reality is the computerized technology that will allow people to enter into a virtual world that is fantasy and is generated only through technology. These are the special effects and graphics and also the video images and sounds that will have effects just like the real thing, although it is only in a fantasy world. Its uses are wide and varied, and can cover anything like the computer video games to driving a race car or flying a fighter plane, and also many others. The uses of virtual reality can be infinite because it can be used in almost anything that a user wants.

There are good uses of virtual reality but there are also bad and destructive uses for this. It has been used for a long time in pilot training, in flight simulators, where the potential pilots will be in the virtual world where they seem to be in the real world of flying. However, this technology has spread to other uses including the world of gaming. This is the idea of putting the gamer really immersed into the game that he is getting into. Although it is a virtual world, the person will really think that it is the natural world he is into. This is the thing that virtual reality has created for him.

Although it can develop the gamers skills and senses, which can be beneficial for him but there are also some drawbacks. That person will potentially have a hard time in reaching out what is the real world, and he can have that sense of always living in a fantasy world. Virtual games like wars and crimes will potentially have far reaching effects on the psyche of that person. Being always in full immersion on the fight games that he is always into, can potentially have a destructive mentally he can get. There are many instances that this has happened in the real world.

Virtual reality is just like a computerized simulation of things, like the natural reality of things, but is just imaginary and not actually real. This can be beneficial to many things like in industries, where trials and errors can be minimized, in schools and universities where students are undergoing trainings, and to practically anything it can be applied to. There can be many benefits derived from virtual reality, and these things can be ultimately useful to people. However, there has to be limitations also so that the user will also be able to touch base with reality.

Although there are many benefits derived from virtual reality, like the many uses in industries, there are also some disadvantages. The cost of equipment in making a virtual reality system can be very expensive, and this can be a drawback in the production of a VR system in small industries. It can also have an effect on the ultimate pricing of products turned out by these small industries. A virtual system that will attempt to have an immersion experience of the users will require very costly equipment, and this is the biggest drawback it has.

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surveillance art – machine looking at humans

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Humans watching other humans.
Via Machines.


People for surveillance art other humans.

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creativity and the machine

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How about an instrument that controls exterior of a building and other larger than life structures.

Large Screens allow for FULL Body expressions


Huge Wall as Instruments


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Net Art

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In the age of the network, many artists find this ability to share, connect, using internet protocols to express art both in visual form and other artistic forms.

Turbulence Blog – Net Art Is a great resource 

artifical intelligence as art


Computer scientist as artist has a long history. Jaron Lanier for example is a great example of scientist turned artist. Using software and hardware to create tools, instruments and other constucts to build and express emotion.


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